Meet OstroJS

OstroJS is a web application framework with a syntax that is both expressive and beautiful. A web framework gives your application structure and a starting point, allowing you to concentrate on building something wonderful while we sweat the specifics.

OstroJS aims to provide a fantastic developer experience while also delivering strong features like  an expressive database abstraction layer, queues and scheduled tasks, unit and integration testing, and more.

OstroJS is a framework that can grow with you, whether you're new to NodeJS or web frameworks or have years of expertise. We'll guide you through your initial steps as a web developer or give you a boost as you advance your skills. We're excited to see what you come up with.

Why OstroJS ?

When developing a web application, you may use a number of tools and frameworks. We think, however, that OstroJS is the finest framework for creating modern, full-stack online applications.

A Framework for Progressive
OstroJS is a "progressive" framework, as we like to call it. That is to say, OstroJS improves along with you. If you're new to web development, OstroJS's extensive library of tutorials and instructions can help you get started without feeling stressed.

A Framework That Scales
OstroJS is a very scalable framework. Horizontal scaling with OstroJS is a simple because to NodeJS's scaling-friendly architecture and OstroJS's built-in support for fast, distributed caching systems like Redis. In fact, OstroJS apps can manage hundreds of millions of requests each month with ease.

A Community-Based Approach
OstroJS brings together the greatest NPM packages to create the most powerful and developer-friendly framework available. 

Node 14.0.0 Required

The new minimum NodeJS version is now 14.0.0 require to run OstroJS application.

Installation Via NPM

If you already have NodeJS and NPM installed on your machine, you may use NPM to start a new OstroJS project. After the application has been constructed, use the Assistant CLI's to run OstroJS commands.

Installation Via NPX

If your computer already has NodeJS and NPM installed, you may use NPM to build a new OstroJS project. After the application has been created, type node app to start OstroJS's local development server:

npx @ostro/installer new example-app
cd example-app
node app

The OstroJS Installer

You can also use NPM to install the  OstroJS Installer as a global dependency: 

npm install -g @ostro/installer
ostro new example-app
cd example-app
node app